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The Colonel knows Chicago. He is also the real-life version of @ChicagoTribune.

Social Media Producer at Chicago Tribune. Follow me for news, tips and good conversation.

Crime. Police. And newspaperin. That's me for the Chicago Tribune.

I am editor of

Editor of Digital Media

Health care reporter at the Chicago Tribune writing and explaining health coverage, drugs, stem cells, health plans, doctors, hospitals and Obama's policies.

I'm an editor at the Chicago Tribune.

As editor of the Chicago Tribune's City Extra section, I am always looking for good Chicago stories

Proprietor: Charlie Meyerson, Daywatch columnist for and contributor to WGN-AM; formerly news guy at WXRT-FM and WNUA-FM.

Chicago Tribune columnist, blogger and bon vivant

On-line editor with

I cover higher education for the Chicago Tribune. I have infant twin boys. I get little sleep.

Chicago Tribune reporter seeking Chicago's truth. And decent sandwiches.

Chicago Tribune national Correspondent, covers congressional and political issues in Washington, D.C.

Chicago Tribune reporter

Reporter for the Chicago Tribune, specializing in human folly.

Jo is Chicago Tribune reporter. She's interested in education issues and would also like to follow what's going on in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

I write about airlines and airplanes for the Chicago Tribune.

Associate Editor at Chicago Tribune, mom and seeker of good food and clean fun.

Online news producer at

Chicago Tribune reporter

Metro columnist for the Chicago Tribune, yoga teacher, Brenda Starr writer.

I'm Michael Lev, the Chicago Tribune's business editor.

Business writer for the Chicago Tribune.

I'm a multimedia editor with the Chicago Tribune and am interested in photography and video that shows me something I've never seen.

Web designer who one of these days will start twittering about something other than the Blackhawks.

I'm the Chicago Tribune media columnist. Previously I was a TV critic and sports columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times and Los Angeles Daily News.

Web-first writer for the Chicago Tribune, specializing in news, commentary and snark. Huge fan of hypocrisy.

Photography is my love and my job at the Chicago Tribune.

A Chicago Tribune reporter who stays awake at night worrying about your commuting and transportation issues.

Copy editor, occasional writer, ardent conduit of the trendy and bizarre.

Informing Chicago since 1977. Web developer/editor tweeting real-estate news @chicago_homes.

Chicago Tribune environment reporter, nature guy, music lover, reader

Tribune reporter turned newbie twitterer

I'm the editor of the Chicago Tribune's Always looking for great blogs.

The editorial board of the Chicago Tribune.

Science and medical writer at the Chicago Tribune

President and CEO of Chicago Tribune Company

Plucky girl reporter. Business writer and Digital Life columnist.

Updates from the Chicago Tribune's Problem Solver

> Life & Entertainment

I write about food and wine for the Chicago Tribune.

Real estate intelligence from the Chicago Tribune.

Garden writer for the Chicago Tribune.

Assistant editor for Live! section of the Chicago Tribune.

I work in features at the Chicago Tribune, including as the theater editor.

I'm the editor of the Chicago Tribune's House & Homes section. I want to know about great interiors and products and want to share ideas with you.

I'm the Chicago Tribune's gadgets and games adviser

Design lover, garden lover, crafty girl

Hi, I'm an editor at the Chicago Tribune, but most tweets are personal observations. I live in Chicago and am always looking for a good restaurant, so share!

I write about health and fitness for the Chicago Tribune. I'm interested in nutrition, children's health, natural living and chemicals in the environment.

Tribune reporter

I love Chicagoing.

Chicago Tribune SMART and LIVE! section writer, musician, lover of thin-crust pizza.

Editor, Smart section

Monica Eng is a food writer at the Chicago Tribune and I eat just about everything

Tribune television critic. I try to post lots of TV links and observations all day.

FChicago Tribune feature writer on such diverse subjects as demographics, books, Chicago neighborhoods, movies, culture and eyelashes.

Features Reporter & Screen Scene columnist.

Kentucky girl joins Army, moves on to journalism, becomes urban mom at Chicago Tribune on Twitter.

Editor, Chicago Tribune

Live! is the Chicago Tribune's daily source for entertainment and culture.

A quest for truth and Truth--with a capital T.

Entertainment uber

Chicago Tribune senior correspondent and a columnist for the Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine

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Your RSS feed for everything Chicago Tribune.

Your RSS source for breaking news in Chicago

A feed of Chicago Tribune's most current Travel stories.

A feed of Chicago Tribune's most current business stories.

A feed of Chicago Tribune's most current entertainment stories.

A feed of Chicago Tribune's most current features and lifestyle stories.

A feed of Chicago Tribune's most current Sports stories.

Follow RedEye editors and reporters on Twitter.

Follow TribLocal editors and reporters on Twitter.

Follow Metromix Chicago editors and reporters on Twitter.

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Natiiv Arts & Media: Social Media Coaching for Artists, Musicians and Writers.

Do what now?

Social Media Strategist

Blah-gee-tsa. Digital Media Veteran. Emmy Winning Blogger. Member of the original Orbitz crew. Chicago Evangelist. Wife of @WCWineGuy

"Voted 2nd funniest man on Twitter"

author. blogger. runner. festival founder. editor. publisher. yadda yadda.

All dork, all day.

I just want to have fun... does that make me a bunch of "girls"?

Connecting Chicago Twitterers to fantastic tweetup events in Chicago.


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